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The ford f150 lariat for sale is a truck that fuses rugged capability with modern comforts designed for driver satisfaction. Its sleek style and state-of-the-art technology give it an edge over competing trucks in its class. The F-150 is the most popular light-duty pickup truck in the U.S, thanks to the endless configuration options that it offers buyers. It’s available in several cab and bed sizes and can be fitted with a variety of engines and features that improve performance. For more information, visit Portsmouth Ford to learn about the features and benefits of this impressive vehicle. Source

The XLT and the Lariat are two of four models in Ford’s ladder-frame, 4×4 dual-cab lineup. They share a lot of features but the Lariat is more luxurious, with leather upholstery, a bigger centre touchscreen and a digital instrument cluster. It also scores some desirable active safety gear missing from the XLT, such as blind-spot detection with trailer coverage and smart cruise control.

Top Locations to Find Ford F150 Lariat for Sale

Both XLT and Lariat can be had in long-wheelbase (LWB) form, a graft of 300mm to the tray that gives it a gargantuan 3994mm length. While this is a good thing for hauling heavy loads it makes them unwieldy in urban and suburban settings. They’re much better suited to open-road duties, where the powerful and smooth 298kW/470Nm V6 engine really feels its best. It pumps out a likeable artificial growl when accelerating and cruises smoothly with minimal noise.

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